New Applicant Instructions

If you have questions or need assistance completing the online application, call us at (312) 563-9570.

  1. Please read all instructions on this list before you start completing each step.

  2. Create an account with DocHub or Login using your Google account ( CLICK HERE )

    • A new window will open once you click the link above and after completing the account creation come back here to continue with the application process.

  1. After you create an account you can click the link to the application for new users ( CLICK HERE ) DO NOT USE THIS LINK IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ENTERED PARTIAL INFORMATION. To continue with a partial application see the link at the bottom of this page.

    • To begin click the Fill a copy button

  1. Click to add a check mark on the "I agree ..." section

  2. Click on the Let's do this! button

  1. Start completing the required fields. See the top left to find out how many are left to complete.

  2. On the top right the gray button click on the drop down arrow to get additional options. Here you will click the next required field if you do not find what else you are missing.

  3. To complete the application, all required fields must be filled out. If if does not apply to you, you can type N/A

  4. The information you enter on this application will save automatically and can be retrieved later on by visiting this website ( CLICK HERE ).